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Security Council

President: Yésika Pamela García Trejo


Topic A) Actions to mitigate the crisis in Lake Chad Basin, addressing violence, economic recovery and security restoration.

Topic B) Strategies for the prevention of nuclear accidents with an emphasis on Russia, France and the United States of America.

Background and faculties of the committee

The Security Council (SC) is one of the six main organs of the United Nations (UN), it is in charge of maintaining international peace, security and approaching situations where these two can be threatened. The SC is the unique entity within the UN that has the power to make decisions, and members are obligated to enforce them.  Constituted by 5 permanent members along with 10, who are elected for two-years term. Its first session was accomplished on January the 17th, 1946, at Church House, Westminster in London. Currently it is located in the United Nations Headquarters, New York City, where there should always be a representative from each of the 15 members, letting the SC meet any time as  needed.


  • Investigates disputes or situations where peace and security might get disturbed and can mediate, recommend methods or take action for solving the conflict.

  • Aims the use of economic sanctions, in order to avoid the use of forces and aggression. 

  • Creates strategies for regulating armaments and their utilization. 

  • Can take military action by sea, land or air, as long as peace and security are being compromised or need to be restored. These operations must be performed by the UN peacekeepers.

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