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Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space

President: Yamir Bandala González

Chair: Regina Covarrubias Rosales, Beatriz Mena Torres, William Vázquez Hernández, Edgar Arturo López Villegas

Topic A) Measures to reduce the adverse effects caused by the collision of space debris in the atmosphere as a consequence of the space industry.

​Topic B) Strategies to cope with the adverse effects generated by the unauthorized use of weapons in outer space.

Background and powers of the committee

The Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS) was created with 18
members by the United Nations in 1958 to prevent rivalries between powers in the
cosmos. COPUOS adopts an annual resolution on international cooperation as a
measure to regulate the use of space resources, dealing with space debris and asteroid
threats, and solving legal issues related to the pacific use of the interplanetary space. It
has 100 member states and two subsidiary bodies: the Scientific and Technical
Subcommittee, and the Legal Subcommittee. It monitors the developments focused on
security and peace in ether space with the help of both non-governmental and
intergovernmental organizations such as the International Institute for the Unification of
Private Law (UNIDROIT) and the Open Lunar Foundation.

The committee’s regulatory framework aims to strengthen the international legal regime
governing outer space, with the purpose of maximizing the benefits of the use of
peaceful space science and technology in addition to the objective of increasing
international cooperation in space activities at all levels.
● Assists and encourages space research programs through a common
framework guiding cooperation in space research.
● Facilitates international cooperation in the exploration of the solar system
through the general mandate of the Committee
● Ease the exchange of information related to outer space activities between
participant nations
● Suggests modifications to international space legislation and international
space law for the preservation of the space and earth environment

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