United Nations World Tourism Organization

President: Rebeca Ávila Delgado

Chair: Diego Paniagua Archundia, José Antonio Salazar Garibay, María Fernanda Anaya López y Valeria Loera Gómez

Topic A) Measures to improve the development of alternative touristic areas in Latin American local communities and get rid of overtourism

Topic B) Measures to reactivate the Latin American tourism sector after the global pandemic caused by the spread of COVID-19


Committee's outline and faculties

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) was formed in November, 1974 originated from the International Union of Official Travel Organization (IUOTO). Its headquarters are located in Geneva, Switzerland and it counts with 159 members. The main objectives of the UNWTO are to stimulate the macroeconomic growth, to create jobs, to protect the environment and culture as well as the advocacy of peace, prosperity and respect for human rights. Since tourism has showed an exponential growth throughout the years, becoming one of the essential actors in the worldwide economy, the UN created an affiliated organization to ensure this, the UNWTO. 


UNWTO promotes tourism as a tool of development. In order to achieve its objectives the Organization counts with different capabilities. The UNWTO focuses on:

  • Encouraging the implementation of the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism which are principles that guide collaborators into tourism, setting a frame of a responsible and sustainable development.

  • Generating market knowledge, so the collaborators know how, whom and where to invest.

  • Promoting competitive and sustainable tourism policies and instruments, so there is equality in the market and no unfair competence in the tourism sector.

  • Fomenting tourism education and training, in order to expand the offer of destinations.