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Human Rights Council

President: Regina Lacorte Mariscal



Topic A) Measures to stop the displacement of families caused by organized crime in vulnerable communities in the United States of Mexico 


Topic B) Actions to ensure the human rights of prisoners after the approval of the Exception Regime in the Republic of El Salvador, focusing on the so-called "conflict against gangs" headed by the government of Nayib Bukele.

Background and faculties of the committee

Replacing the Commission of Human Rights, the General Assembly created The Human Rights Council (HRC) on 15 March of 2006. Being an intergovernmental body of the United Nations the Human Rights Council is answerable for heightening the constant promotion and protection of human rights all around the world.Besides the HRC is also responsible for redirecting any case where constitutional rights are violated, with the aim of a satisfactory development of the faculties of this committee which is formed by 47 Member States who meet at the United Nations Office at Geneva so that in this way each year they discuss problems and situations in relation to civil rights around the world which require due awareness and monitoring of the council.

With the purpose of enhance the effectiveness of the international promotion and protection of human rights, The Human Rights Council has the compromise of: 

  • Get involved with the respective authorities with the intention of offering collaboration and reporting any case of human rights violation.

  • Establish commissions which investigate and address cases of civil liberties violations.

  • Examine claims made by a Member State against another regarding breaches of its responsibilities under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

  • Address urgent human rights crises and organize field visits to examine and facilitate better implementation of citizen rights.

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