Security Council

President: Diego Márquez Sánchez

Chair: Paulina Moreno Rosales, Daniela Alejandra Moreno Villagrán, Arantxa Olivares Bocanegra, José Pablo Ramírez Vega y Akemi Daiana Viveros Moya

Topic A) Actions to restrain the Russian Federation's military expansion on Republic of Belarus’ territory as a result of borderline disputes with the Republic of Poland

​Topic B) Measures to limit the military development of the People’s Republic of China focusing on the tensions with Taiwan


Background and powers of the committee

The Security Council is the major organ of the United Nations (UN), possessing the firm mission of maintaining international peace and security in accordance with the principles and purposes of the UN. The Council has been taking action against threats that endanger peace, from territorial disputes to the emergence of radical groups since its establishment on the 24th of October of 1945 as a result of the ending of the Second World War. The Security Council is formed by 15 member states, divided into two categories;  five permanent members (the United States of America, the French Republic, the Russian Federation, the People’s Republic of China, and the United Kingdom of Northern Ireland and Great Britain), and ten non-permanent members elected by the General Assembly, for two-year terms.


In order to guarantee the maintenance of international peace and security, the Security Council possesses faculties that guide the resolutions proposed and considered throughout the years. These faculties are:

  • Investigate any dispute or condition that might lead to international friction;

  • Recommend methods to adjust disputes or terms of settlement;

  • Formulate plans to regulate armament;

  • Determine the existence of a threat to the peace or act of aggression and recommend an action plan;

  • Call members to apply economic sanctions and other measures not involving the use of force to prevent or stop aggression;

  • Take military action against an aggressor;

  • Exercise the trusteeship functions of the United Nations in strategic areas.