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United Nations Development Programme

President: Daniela Alejandra Moreno Villagrán

Chair: María José Crecente Romero, Aranza Michelle Castro Rivero, Valeria Ivana Bazán Castillo, Sofía Cervantes Godínez, Diego Ortega Morales, 

Topic A) Actions to increase the education level in West and Central Africa with emphasis in the improvement of the post pandemic conditions.

​Topic B) Strategies to counter the disruption of sexual and reproductive health in the Republic of Mozambique with emphasis on the consequences of the Cyclone Idai.

Background and powers of the committee

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) was established in 1965 by the General Assembly. To simplify activities that are performed separately or jointly the United Nations Expanded Programme of Technical Assistance and the United Nations Special Fund merged to increase their effectiveness and as a result, UNDP was created. The main objective of the UNDP is advocating for change and giving countries access to the knowledge, experience and resources they need to help people build better futures. Also, UNDP works in 170 countries and territories. Furthermore, UNDP’s work focuses on three main areas, sustainable development, democratic governance as well as peacebuilding, climate and disaster resilience.


In order to end the injustice of poverty, inequality and climate change, the United Nations Development Programme works with the following faculties:

  • Assists governments in designing and implementing projects funded from their own revenue, or from grants or loans provided by international financial institutions to take action to manage risk, prevent, recover and respond to shocks and crises more effectively; 

  • Supports countries to develop policy, leadership and grouping skills, and to enhance resilience to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals;

  • Collaborates with its partner countries, the Members of the Executive Board to end gender-based violence, promoting female leadership in business and politics.

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